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Shayla Carpenter

Owner and Creator of Day By Day Fitness and M.O.C.K. workshops. 

      Wellness Advocate and Fitness enthusiast Shayla Carpenter has dedicated the last six years as a gym owner and fitness instructor at Day By Day Fitness. July of 2020 she sold the equipment and memberships to Core Ten Fitness and now reside as an instructor there.

      Teaching class will always be a passion as well as outdoor activities and trying new outlets of movement.  She offers private classes via zoom and free live Facebook classes at random. Also FREE classes are posted on YouTube. As an outdoor enthusiast she spends time hiking, biking, beach combing, and kayaking with her family.

       Her love for Essential Oils, Crystal's and Gemstones as well as movement inspired her to offer a workshop that involves all three and at  the end of each workshop we do a quick journaling exercise together involving kindness to ourselves and others.

       To host a M.O.C.K workshop or if you would like to host a fitness class at your facility please contact us at 541-297-4945   

Shades of White Stone


Join a M.O.C.K.Workshop near you. M.O.C.K. offers a unique learning experience of movement, oils, crystals, and kindness. Offered in a three set series. Wake, Release, and Renew. 

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